25 Years and 4 Days

Last year I started the tradition of doing a little reflection post on my birthday.  This year I was a bit late to post on the day, but I still want to keep the tradition alive! So. today I’ll be writing something up.  Check out last year’s post here and if not, lets talk about being alive … More 25 Years and 4 Days

Oyama Bicycle Shrine

In my time living in Japan I’ve visited a lot of shrines, I mean…haven’t we all? Some of the top destinations while traveling in Asia are usually visiting some sort of temple or shrine, and there’s most likely a giant Buddha at some temple somewhere am I right?  Some shrines were just little blips in … More Oyama Bicycle Shrine

Cherry Blossoms 2017

So, lately in my area of Japan (Shizuoka) we’ve had some bad weather.  It’s been windy, cloudy, rainy and humid for the past week or so.  Not only that but I’ve been waking up with a sore throat for the past three days now.  It’s not been a great shift to spring for me.  One … More Cherry Blossoms 2017

Shopping Fast Week 3

Hey everyone.  Welcome to my new blogging platform. How does it look? A bit different but I’m still trying to keep that clean white theme intact.  Excuse the random HTML at the top of this post it’s to activate this blog on my Bloglovin account.  Also, sorry for all the confusion these past few days. … More Shopping Fast Week 3

White Day 2017

White Day was yesterday in Japan and mine was pretty regular by most standards.  Sadly, I didn’t get to see bae on actual White Day which was a bit of a bummer but he did give me this adorable set of fancy macaroons.   I found a few treats on my desk the day before … More White Day 2017