My First Japanese Wedding: What I Wore

This past weekend I attended my first legit Japanese wedding.  I trekked there alone and was quite nervous but happy I had taken care and given thought to what I decided to wear to the event.

This will be a short tidbit post because I’m not sure the bride and groom would want me to post pictures of their special event without their consent on such a public platform so I’ll just be sharing what I wore today.



The dress

The first time I wore this dress was for my “end of the year” party which was held last December.  At the time, I was much heavier than I am now and I was knowingly busting out of this dress, but alas, I fit into it and the zipper went up so I said whatever and went to the party in this formal dress because this was in fact a formal event and I didn’t really own anything “Japanese formal” (meaning covering the shoulders).  Later at the party, a quite drunk co-worker came over to me while I was grabbing myself a drink and did a slow look up and down at my body and then noted “Oh it seems you have gained a quite a lot of weight Michele”.  I was torn apart by his abrupt rude comment and felt horrible for the rest of the party. Yes, at the time the dress was tight but still, I had fit into it and I thought I looked quite alright.  I know it’s not a big deal to comment on someone’s weight in Asia, but the fact that he did a slow look at my body from my legs all the way to my chest sent shivers down my spine. In any case, when I got home that night I threw the dress into the very depths of my closet and didn’t think about the dress for a long long time.  From then on I started to wear much baggier clothes. And I mean, in winter it was easy so I didn’t really have to work at it.  I don’t even think i realized what I was doing until a friend commented that she thought I was wearing a lot of oversized things lately.




Flash forward to 10 months later, and here I am fitting almost too loosely in the dress that I had been busting out of almost a year before.  Yes I’ve lost weight.  If I want to be perfectly honest with you, my weight loss, or at least sudden weight lost since mid July hasn’t been something I’m proud of.  I’ve been going through a lot of stress and other things lately and because of it, I have lost a considerable amount of weight.

Putting the weight aside, I do feel much more confident in this outfit now.  I chose all black pieces mostly because my mood has been blegh lately but also black is an easy formal choice color for any occasion so I figured I’d be pretty safe in terms of outfit selection for this wedding

I also chose to get my hair done, which really boosted my confidence and made me feel like a elvish princess.




Getting my hair done was a good choice because almost everyone at the wedding had their hair done in some sort of updo and before I had decided to get my hair done I was thinking of wearing it down.  Glad I didn’t though.  I felt like I meshed in quite well at the wedding even though I was basically the only non-Japanese person there.  It was quite an experience.  I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.


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