News, Transitions, and Halloween Duffy

So as some of you know, I have another blog that I tried to…uhh how do I put it…get out there with?  Around November and December of last year I had decided to take a leap and make a hosted blog to see if I could “make it big” like everyone else has been doing these days and try and bring in some sort of revenue.  It basically flopped, wait not..not just flopped it was a total failure, and to be honest I can’t afford to keep my hosted blog Dreaming in Japan going. Thus, I’ve started to transfer posts from my other blog to here, basically stuff that I haven’t posted here over the past year or so since I started the new blog.

What does this mean for my readers?  Nothing really except I’ll have a after whatever I change my blog to be, or I could keep it the same —> “micheleanninjapan”.  I’m thinking if (dreaminginjapan) isn’t taken I’ll try to transition to that but if not I’ll probably revamp this blog a bit, maybe a new name and so on, but the content will probably stay relatively close to what I’ve been posting for the last few years: shopping, simple fashion, beauty, travel and so on. All of which have been circling around my life living in Japan since 2014.

I posted a lot since last January on my other blog, so it’s been taking some time transferring posts over, and as you may have noticed, I haven’t really been blogging since June because of everything that’s personally been going on with me in my life. It’s been a really tough period for me to be honest.  Probably my toughest period yet.  I’m not gonna lie and say I’m happy right now, because I’m not but I’m working on things (refer back to my mental health care experience in Japan post for more info) One good thing that has come from this is I have been working a lot more on my art (check my art instagram here), which has helped me kinda delve into a few things and release some emotion and pain that I’ve been trying to tackle.

In any case, Dreaming in Japan will probably vanish at some point and I’ll move all my followers back to this blog if you are an email or WordPress follower, if not, then….idk haha!

Moving on, I’d like to announce I think I’ll try and take part in Stylebee’s Fall 10×10 Challenge.  I missed the summer challenge, and was actually thinking of doing a small capsule project before I stow away my summer things, but since it’s already been announced I think I may try and take part if I have enough energy.  I’m really excited to see what everyone else will be doing with the 10×10 and I’ll be posting here for it, not on my other, soon to be deleted blog.

Next, I went to Tokyo Disney Sea a few weeks ago to visit a friend and also get some marriage documents notarized at the American Embassy.  Yes!  I’m getting married.  It’s all suuuper exciting but I’m kinda waiting to do my official announcement (this was kinda official though oops) at a later date..and guess what! A photoshoot will be involved so….yay!

I have a strong issue with the fact that I cannot go to Disney without buying something for myself, and of course this last trip I splurged on two items (just two though…I know right, much better than my usual 4-7) to celebrate October and Halloween.  So, may I present to you Halloween Duffy and Stella Lou:




So I didn’t buy ShellieMae mostly because I HATED the costume/outfit they put her in.  Blargh.  And don’t freak out but each of these little collectable pin/badge buddies cost about 18 dollars US or 2,000 yen a piece. Out of the two I bought, Stella Lou’s costume was absolutely beautiful and amazingly intricate (so maybe the 20 bucks was worth it haha).  I’ve started to collect the seasonal Duffy Bear products last year, don’t worry it hasn’t gotten as bad as my Pokemon plushie collecting problem buuut it may get to that point if I ever get a annual pass for Disney in the distant future.

I also did a bit of redecorating in my apartment.  I looks much brighter in my living room…maybe some painting fairy came over and brightened things up?  I have no idea actually since it definitely wasn’t me who did it haha.


This is a little piece of updated “art” I’ve put over my couch.  I attached my favorite post cards with some of my favorite polaroids I took from ages ago.  I can even remember when I took them. 

Polaroids rom left to right,

  1. Osaka wall graffiti 2011
  2. Lake Merced, San Francisco 2012
  3. Iwata, Shizouka 2015
  4. Iwata, Shizuoka  2015
  5. Nara 2011

I also have collected quite a “dad hat” collection.  I learned of this term when I returned back to America for the summer.  Apparently these are called dad hats haha??  At least that’s what my friends were calling them.  I had brought my pink bird hat with me for the trip and I actually got a comment on it by some random guy in Super Duper Burger saying “Oh hey I like your hat” and all of us giggled in unison.  Here’s the dad hat collection.


When I was back in America I went back to San Francisco State to find some grammar books to help aid in teaching and I was smitten by the gator hat, I also picked up a “Hey Arnold” hat while shopping later on the trip when I went back to San Diego.  The bird hat is a few years old and I actually lost it a year ago in one of Osaka’s shopping centers, but I knew exactly where I had left it so I called the building and they said they had found it and sent it to me (I had to pay for shipping but…whaaaa?!)  Lost items are seemingly always returned in Japan.  This is one thing I love so much about Japan, and plus I got my beloved bird hat back lol.

Ahhh details.

Anyways that’s all I really have for today.  I do hope you continue to follow along with my blog while I go back to transitioning here.  Thanks so much for stoping by!

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